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The right tool at the right place at the right time.

LMT Tool Systems is the international sales company in the LMT Group. Its sales and service centres and an alliance with specialized partners enable LMT Tool Systems to offer customers integrated tool packages on an industrial scale worldwide. Its range of products and services include precision tools and cutting materials for the most diverse applications in cutting and non-cutting processing as well as tool reconditioning and tool management packages.

The sales teams at LMT Tool Systems specialize on specific applications and processes – from gear-cutting, milling, turning, drilling, reaming, thread-cutting and rolling to mould and die making, composites machining, metallurgy, heavy-duty cutting and the machining of automotive components.

Specialized solutions for users

This ensures that users will always find a competent contact to deal with their particular application. The very close ties between sales and the engineering and development specialists of the companies in the LMT Technology Group guarantee rapid response times and solutions that are perfectly tailored to users’ requirements.

Driving innovation

This also promotes general tool innovation and development within the company. The experience and expertise of LMT Tool Systems experts and their research and development colleagues flow directly into every new tool: both areas of competence are pooled in product development teams to evaluate products on the basis of customers’ feedback and requirements. At the end of the process, this team of specialists decides which new tools will be developed and which criteria they will have to meet.

Alliance partners Bilz and Boehlerit

Furthermore, Boehlerit and Bilz are also tied into the sales network as alliance partners. These leading companies offer outstanding tool solutions and possess exceptional technological know-how, both of which flow into LMT tool developments and solutions. Similar strategic partnerships with other companies are also conceivable in the future.