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Cylinder Components


LMT is one of a few organizations worldwide that offers technical competence in project management, tool design and dedicated tool production to operate as a professional partner in solving your production problems. By offering integrated solutions we work with your machine tool suplier and offer our vast experience to give you a tailor made solution.

Due to the often relatively high proportion of special tools acceptance as a supplier is a major question of confidence this includes the ability to supply a large program of quality standard tools, also a wealth of engineering experience and customer support. Without being able to supply this complete relationship we could not expect you to trust us to engineer your new projects nor could we expect to obtain the business. However, in selected product fields we are expecting growth above average due to the focus on special customers (e.g. Foundaries, OEM`s, Automotive Industry and its suppliers.

Main product groups: 

  • Complex tool systems: Complex tool systems are defined as special tools that require a high constructive input usually with moving slides and generating tools.
  • Monoblock tools: Either Carbide or PCD these are special tools that are designed to produce many fatures in one pass usually in Aluminium parts.
  • Ball track milling tools: These are mainly milling tools for the soft- and hardmilling of ball tracks in outer and inrer ball races for CV- joints.
  • Milling cutter systems: Our standard milling cutter system „Feed-Jet“ is accepted as an excellent systems for high speed processing of aluminium parts. Essentially easy handling together with high tool life and maintainable surface roughness are a huge advantage.
  • Special tools (with insert technology): Parallel to Monoblock tool technology there is high potential for classic special tools utilizing insert technology to manufacture multi function tools with replacable and index able inserts. 


What can LMT UK offer? 

  • Participation in training.
  • Application-oriented support on site for machine Sign off / Acceptance tests or customer visits, Engineering and project management
  • Success stories and application examples available on our website
  • Synergies with machine tool suppliers to ensure the most up to date knowledge