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Composite & Plastics

LMT UK offers the most comprehensive tooling solutions for the challenging new materials. Whether you are in the automotive and aerospace industries, machining MDF in furniture manufacture or parts for Wind Turbines we have the tools to help you.

Lightweight design is the future! Composites & Plastics is a strategic development in many industries and, thanks to LMT Belin and Onsrud we have a comprehensive range of products backed by more than 40 years of experience in developing custom solutions. From single blade routers, PCD tipped Serf tools to developments in reducing breakout problems in glass reinforced products, makes us the world leaders in this field. LMT utilized the moto “Networking the Experts” and pooled their resources in Belin and Onsrud to ensure the products are the best you can buy.

What can LMT UK offer?

  • We have unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities for solid carbide and PCD tools at LMT Belin and LMT Onsrud and have utilized the pooled knowledge at LMT Fette and Kieninger as well to produce Inserted tools also.

  • The widest product range of standard and special tools in processing composites and plastics incl. drilling, milling, routing and reaming.

  • The best quality product range of Tool holders from Bilz, our thermogrip holders are supplied balance, dependant on the type of location, up to 42000 rpm (HSK-E40) for high speed machining.

  • Substantial stock availability at LMT Belin, Onsrud and Schwarzenbek