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Gear Cutting

Innovations for Gear Wheel Production

LMT Fette has successfully offered its experience in machining of gear hobs for more than 100 years. Many developments and patents have been created by our company in recent years all of them with the goal of giving the customer higher productivity. The latest example of this is our new product SPEEDCORE. LMT Fette offers a comprehensive tool range for roughing and finishing of gear hobs and has an excellent world-wide reputation in this branch of industry.

The strengths of the gear cutting segment are hobs for small modules for the automotive sector and cutters with indexable inserts for the large modules, for example for wind energy.



  • Higher productivity up to 70%
  • Simply increase the cutting speed considerably, the other parameters remain
  • unchanged!
  • The customer gets his specific SPEEDCORE profitability calculation
  • The customer gets guaranteed performance! The operating parameters are agreed with
  • our service team
  • Safety handling (such as HSS-PM)
  • Regrinding and coating without problems
  • Delivery within 8 weeks 

Application: SPEEDCORE can bring advantages to an isolated production or to a production line.
Isolated production: Direct advantage by full exploitation of the productivity. Production line: The adaptation to the upstream and downstream machines must be considered here. But the productivity offers great advantages here too, either in a direct reduction of the main production time or a reduction in the number of machines in the line or, in the best case, both.

Wind energy:

Product: Large moduled ICI hobs for the production of gear wheels

  • Great know-how available at the LMT Engineering Center
  • Roughing and finishing tools from one supplier
  • Inexpensive multi-edge inserts with excellent hard metal types and coatings
  • Segment design with high accuracy
  • Multi-start segment ICI hobs
  • Combined ICI hobs (roughing/finishing on one tool body)
  • Maximum performance due to specific adapted tool for the respective machining process.