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General Machining

LMT recognized that we need a good mix between standard and segment/special products. With an emphasis of developing standard tools to cover both general engineering and niche markets we know we have a tool that will improve your production. We aproach our support of standard products utilizing our “Specialist Strategies” developed in our more niche markets across the board for Standard tools. This means if you have a problem we have specialist engineers available to help you solve it. Our range of products and services include precision tools and cutting materials for the most diverse applications in cutting and non-cutting processing as well as tool reconditioning and tool management packages, we can offer you a solution.

Our strategy: Is to use the successes of our standard product applications by disemminating the information to our customers both by on site demonstration and trials and by publishing our success stories

For example: XChange our new replacable head tapping product and TeraSpeed Milling Inserts for cast iron materials are gaining popularity in volume machining of Automotive components at all levels.

New inovations include: 

  • Xchange indexable head cutting taps.
  • HPF indexable head forming taps
  • TeraSpeed Castiron Milling Inserts
  • MulitEdge 4Feed high speed milling
  • New BCU Turning Geometry
  • New LCP15T coating 

Equally important, the ability to hold a tool correctly and our alliance partner Bilz are world renown for Tap and tool holding solutions ensuring a positive interface between the machine spindle and the cutting edge. Offering standard tappping chucks through to Shrink Fit machines and tool holders Bilz offer a comprehensive product range that oozes quality.

What can LMT UK offer?

  • Increase your product knowledge of our standard products in selected applications gainingincreased productivity.
  • Specialist support from our Mother companies.
  • Newly defined product programme
  • Years of technical know-how
  • Success stories and application examples available on our website
  • Training on site, in house and web based
  • Next day delivery from Germany