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LMT Tools Limited

2nd July 2013
LMT Tools Limited

 “Excellent Performance – Excellent Tools” is a branding statement of LMT Tool Systems, a company proud of its extensive portfolio of outstanding practical tool applications that enables their customers to optimise their production in a targeted way.  LMT Tool Systems is one of the leading sales organisations within the LMT group.

If there ever was a "one-stop-shop" for the hardcore engineering professional, then it would definitely have to be the LMT store.  With products ranging over some 16 different categories, the LMT product line is definitely something an engineer would drool over, to which the feature list below gives ample testimony:
a) Gear-cutting Tools: as an integral part of any mechanical machine, the gear wheel is indispensable.  LMT tools offers gear cutting tools that make it easy to develop gears of the right type and size.  They offer gear hobs, tool systems and involute gear cutters/gear milling cutters as well.
b) Machining Products: offer machining products and solutions for the machining of components, crankshafts and composite materials.  Moreover, they even provide specialised tools to get the job done.
c) Thread Rolling: fabricating a thread involves rolling, using chip-less fabrication methods. These methods ensure that there is no breakage in the thread line and saves material.
d) Milling, Turning and Reaming: offer machinery and tools to perform milling, cutting, turning and reaming operations on a wide range of materials.  Micro-cutting tools for precision cutting are also available.
e) Clamping: ensuring that a workpiece stays firmly in place when the machine tools are working on it, is a critical requirement for high-quality machining.  Clamping systems from LMT tools ensure that the machining operations are carried out without the slightest hitch or unwanted movement of the workpiece.
f) Coating: in order to increase the lifetime of a tool, coating it with the right high-performance coating system is essential.  LMT Tools provide some of the best coatings, for example, Nanomold Gold, the first tool coating especially designed for die and mould making that ensures a high tool life and precision performance.
g) Metallurgy and Heavy Tool Cutting: every need is not the same and there are scores of materials to choose from.  Rotary shaving tools, pipe machining tools, and heavy duty cutting are some prime examples and knowing which one is the best for the requirement is an important skill to have.  With LMT Tools, there are some very useful products that can make things a lot easier for any manufacturing process.
When asked about LMT Tools Company goals, Managing Director said, “It is important to us that we demonstrate our ability to consistently deliver an excellent tool range to be used innovatively in our customers’ plants, thereby leading to excellent results for all of us.”
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