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Bilz Tools available from LMT UK

5th March 2013
Bilz Tools available from LMT UK

 Bilz Tools

The manufacturing industry is one of the world's fastest-moving and rapidly progressing markets. Most of the new machinery and technology that gets invented is used up to its fullest potential only in the manufacturing sector.  Technological breakthroughs are being made every day and each new technology replaces the earlier in a short span of time, changing the way industrial processes and procedures are carried out.  However, the most important sector of manufacturing, the tool manufacturing and design sector has stayed pretty fixed over the years and development tends to occur at a more sedate pace.
Under the name LMT (Leitz Metalworking Technology Group) 6 x companies named Belin, Böhlerit, Fette, Kieninger, Onsrud and Bilz Tools partner together.  Based at Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Bilz Tools is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of rotating toolholders and accessories, tool chucking systems, tool set up equipments and so much more.
Bilz Tools was started in 1919 by Otto Bilz and his father.  Manufacturing equipment for Daimler Benz and Robert Bosch in the initial periods, they steadily went on to invent the world famous reversing gear technology for thread tapping, a technological marvel that is still used today.
In 1999, Bilz first introduced the innovative ThermoGrip, a thermal-shrink based chucking system that speeded up the tool-changing process, considerably improving the productivity levels of the machine and it’s fair to say they are world renowned for their quick change drilling chucks and adaptors for drilling, reaming and tapping tools.
Apart from the clamping chucks and shrinking chucks, Bilz also produces tools and systems that allow for tapping, reaming, drilling and other such operations.  Bilz is known for developing intelligent tooling systems.  Their quick change tapping chucks, for instance, come with HFP technology integrated into them.  The HFP technology, with its proactive error identification system, allows for a greater level of security and precision, thereby reducing the amount of rework that may be deemed necessary during quality checks.  Bilz also develops universal ratchets of type R, RR, and RGS, that are indispensable during assembly or repair work for machinery.  Customised versions of these systems are also available.
Apart from all of the above products, Bilz has also gotten further involved in product research and development and successfully developed their own specialised tools, such as the SFC Stud Driving Chucks, FormBore System tools and an ET1 tool holder engraving chuck.
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