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Quattro-Jet from LMT Tools

2nd July 2013
Quattro-Jet from LMT Tools
LMT UK are market leaders within the tooling supply industry and offer customers integrated tool packages on a global industrial scale. Specialising within the mould and die industries LMT UK is particularly proud of its wide range of products and services which include precision tools and cutting materials. Using their expertise and sound research base they are able to service many diverse applications from cutting processing to tool reconditioning. 
Their most recent project is the brand new Quattro-Jet (MFS-HF and MFS-FB), which is manufactured in the state-of-the-art facility owned by group member Kieninger. 
Anyone with knowledge and experience within the mould and die industry will have no doubt heard of Kieninger but few would have had the opportunity to use the Quattro-Jet. 
The modular milling program ‘Quattro-Jet’ completes LMT UK’s product range of tools for the mould and die industry and features multiple flute cutters. 
This new development is based on proven technologies including the well-known geometries and cutter grades of LMT and Kieninger, however it also features 4 cutting edges and the famous THR adaption. 
These specifications provide obvious benefits for the user including at least 50% more tool life, or a minimum of 50% decrease in machining time. With the proven THR adaption, existing customers are also able to utilise the arbours previously purchased. 
Additional advantages include extensions made from solid carbide, complete with maximum possible flange face diameter. This feature enables superior precision and rigidity. 
Further still this development offers great cost efficiency as when they are worn you only need to invest in the ‘modular heads.’ The large shank is also no longer a throw away item as this isn’t damaged in the metal removal process.
The Quattro-Jet milling system is currently available in diameters 12mm, 16mm and 20mm both with and without radius. For more information on this model or any other product in the LMT UK range just speak to LMT UK’s fantastic sales office. 


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