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AS 9100 – The Standard for Aerospace

8th July 2013
AS 9100 – The Standard for Aerospace

AS9100 is a high-quality management standard that is presently used as the ‘gold-standard’ in the aerospace industry.  The AS9100 standard mainly focuses on the quality and reliability aspects of all the items supplied to this industry and any company hoping to manufacture and supply products for the aerospace industry is required to hold the AS9100 certification.  Adhering to the safety and security aspects was the primary objective behind the introduction of this novel quality management standard and it has been recognised by the governments and defence departments as a basic standard for determining the quality standards of a manufacturer.

There are a number of fairly obvious reasons behind the increasing acceptance of AS9100 certification among aerospace companies.
1. Market Pressure: most companies decide to get AS9100 because it provides assurance to their customers that the organisation has a universally acceptable, recognised Quality Management System (QMS).  The companies with an effective QMS are therefore perceived within the aerospace industry as being likely to be able to meet the expectations of the customers in a far better manner than organisations that operate without an effective QMS.
2. In-house Efficiency and Productivity Benefits: over the years, it has been proven that the implementation of QMS results in improved efficiency and better overall productivity.  The companies that manage to survive the market pressure need to have AS9100 for improving their overall operations, performance and the resulting profitability.
3. Merits of Using AS9100 Accreditation: implementing AS9100 Quality Management System has a good number of noticeable associated benefits.
  • This certification is recognised all around the globe.  An AS9100-accredited company can reap the benefits of global operational accessibility, quite readily.
  • The guidelines provided by the AS9100 certification help in filtering the complete production system.  The manufacturing process becomes all the more cost-effective, as well.  Moreover, the refined production procedures help in reducing product wastes and also enhance the overall production, as well as profitability.
  • The implementation of AS9100 QMS requires listening to the customer needs and adopting the same, hopefully shared, goals and objectives of the client company.  This helps in ensuring that the products are completely safe, reliable and as per the expectations of the customers.
Where a supplier has a need to demonstrate sector specific compliance, AS9100 certification will prove beneficial for all parties involved in the manufacturing or supply of products used in the aerospace industry.  Implementing AS9100 QMS would surely contribute to the future success and earning potential of a company within the aerospace industry.

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