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What is the Importance of Video Media for Your Company?

26th August 2013
What is the Importance of Video Media for Your Company?
Whether one is starting a new business or is keen on endorsing a new range of products, communicating and getting noticed is always a good idea.  However, with more and more players emerging in the market, getting noticed has grown more of a challenge but the communication solutions have grown too.  So, how best to stand out from the herd?  One excellent way of creating awareness about any company is by making use of the medium of video.
You can opt for the DIY approach and use your SMART-phone and just shoot some informal video and upload it to YouTube – all for free.   That’s certainly one way of doing it.  Alternatively, you can go the whole hog and commission a promotional video in a catchy and engaging format, with a script.  People that typically may not enjoy reading about a company might just be prepared to invest, say, 5mins of their time to watch a beguiling, well-executed and formatted video.
The visual presentation of the company’s goals, products, services and other related elements helps to personalise your business to potential clients who will remember the message more instinctively of what the company has to offer.  If there’s no one in-house of the right calibre to front a video presentation, businesses can always make use of third-party professional media production companies for creating a strong visual that will help make an impression on any decision-maker.  Working with media professionals might be somewhat more expensive than in-house video production, but the end results are more than worth the investment (that in truth may cost you no more than a few hundred GBP).
The importance of having a professional company video created, showcasing the elements that make the company unique, should never be underestimated.  Videos of promotions, corporate messages, product usage benefits, before and after service analysis or DIY procedures can surely enhance the ROI.  Not only are these videos helpful for attracting more customers, they can also be used for increasing in-house productivity.
The employees can be shown these well-produced videos to give them a better understanding of the company and its aims and aspirations, thereby increasing the employees' understanding and inclusivity.  It essentially saves time that would have been otherwise expended on writing, formatting and delivering information through manager-led presentations.
Thanks to the high specification available through modern video media, companies can help employees understand a message quickly and also reduce the amount of travel expenses required for training of employees at distant locations.  With the wealth of digital video media resources, training videos can now be created at much reduced rates and completed quickly.
On the whole, the usefulness of video media for a company can be justified solely through the consistency benefits it provides to the business.  A unique and well-formatted video enables a company to communicate a consistent message to their target audience, over and over again.


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