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What are The Best Ways of Getting New CNC Machining Jobs for My Factory?

27th August 2013
What are The Best Ways of Getting New CNC Machining Jobs for My Factory?

Looking for new machining business and planning to expand the throughput of your machine shop - the task is, undoubtedly, a challenging one and requires good amount of your attention.  Obviously a great deal of thought and diligent decision-making needs to be invested with regards to financing, selecting the right CNC machines, locating the target market or potential customers and having a complete team ready for the challenge.

To gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, every advantage counts.  Here are four tips worthy of consideration when looking to bring new CNC machining jobs to a machine shop.
Focus on the Target Segment of the Market
Rather than attempting to be all things to all people, it may be better to be known as the best at something rather being known as average at everything.  By focusing on certain specific types of clients or businesses is generally considered a good practice for getting new jobs.  Choosing a specific niche and targeting that particular market will not only develop a speciality skill-set within the shop but may also make one stand out from the crowd.  Moreover, having a clear-cut service target will create more time for concentrating on other aspects of the workplace like machines, manpower, technology and much more.
Learn to Adapt
The past few years haven’t been that favourable for the UK economy and the downturn has probably had most adverse effect on the small scale units.  However, the ones who were smart enough to adapt to the changing business environment are the ones that have been best able to ride out the economic storm.  For example, the machine shops that shifted their interests from commercial machining to government-grade jobs during this period are still surviving even in the depressed market.  Lightness of touch, flexibility and evolving according to market demand are all the hallmarks of a machine shop that is likely to gain more clients and business, even during the periods of slowdown.
Pick out Allies and Make Partners
The network of business clients, friends, family and other acquaintances can be one exceptionally useful source for getting valuable information and leads regarding machining jobs.  Talking to as many people as possible about directing new customers to the machine shop, developing new partnerships and simply calling out for advice about effective business practices, would be a perfect way to expand the machining business.  Don’t forget that the people that it’s easiest to sell to are people who’ve already bought from you; so market your existing customer base.
Social Media Interaction
Engineering machine shops may not immediately see themselves as being ideal candidates for the World Wide Web and all its social hangouts, but it is an untapped goldmine.  For practically no effort or cost at all, any machine shop can be posting positive stories about their work practices and processes in engineering forums on the web and interacting via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube online platforms.  If your machine shop is able to assign, say, half-an-hour a day to “join the conversation” and regularly represent you online and speak via social media, you may find it surprisingly rewarding.

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