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LMT Tools (UK)

27th August 2013
LMT Tools (UK)

Machine tools are an ideal component of almost every industry these days.  Whether it is cutting, shaping or the basic finishing of other materials and for the industries involved in drilling, milling, grinding or shaping need the having the right machine tools is paramount.

With the UK presently being one of the major hubs of aerospace manufacturing in the world, there has consequently been a demand for the highest specification machine tools.  As a result, a lot of major players in the industry have emerged seeking to satisfy that demand by providing comprehensive one-stop-solutions to potential clients and customers.
Of all the machine tool giants operating in the UK, the LMT UK Group deserves to be considered as one of the leading players.  A powerful combination of four companies, namely Belin, Onsrud, Kieninger and Fette, LMT makes use of their combined skills to focus on R&D and the production of outstanding machine tools and processes.
What makes LMT Group stand apart from its immediate competitors is its sales and top-notch customer service, notwithstanding its strategic alliances with some specialised partners in the industry; Boehlerit and Bilz to name but two.
LMT Tool systems offer integrated, industrial scale, machine tool packages to customers from all around the globe.  The range of products as well as services provided by LMT UK includes cutting materials and precision tools for various applications in non-cutting and cutting processes.  Tool reconditioning and tool management are the other two areas that LMT tool systems specialise in.
The LMT Group dedicated professional sales teams are trained to handle a comprehensive list of core applications and processes, including:
  • drilling
  • gear-cutting
  • milling
  • turning
  • thread-cutting
  • rolling
  • metallurgy
  • mould- or die-making
  • heavy-duty cutting
  • heavy automotive component machining.
LMT UK Group also provides support services that ensure that the customers will always be able to routinely find a trained contact with the appropriate level of expertise in all their products and applications.  LMT encapsulates the ideal combination of sales, development and experienced engineering specialists to guarantee their users a timely response time, allied to a knowledge-base of proven solutions that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of their users.
With a pool of well-trained and experienced professionals at their disposal, LMT tool systems consistently manage to come up with cutting-edge tools, flowing directly from their innovative R&D department.  Their new products are always evaluated against the feedback and specific requirements of their extensive loyal client community.
All of the aforementioned elements combined together, make LMT a formidable UK presence and an acknowledged leader in the field of machine tool manufacturing.
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