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Multi Edge Tangential Milling system from LMT UK.

1st October 2013
Multi Edge Tangential Milling system from LMT UK.
There has been many developments in the art of indexable milling over recent years and the team at LMT have followed suit with the introduction of the MultiEdge TAN 90 Double4.
The MultiEdge TAN 90 Double4 is an exiting product offering as you can remove large amounts of material when compared to traditional 90 degree cutters and as the name would suggest you get the additional benefit is the 8 cutting edge. The system has a tangential arrangement of the indexable inserts that guarantees extreme stability.
All of this along with a potential depth of cut of 8.5mm and LMT’s market leading Cast Iron grade of carbide LCK20M makes this system a must have for anyone looking to machine Cast Iron.
This system should always be considered when machining any types of Cast Iron as the unique system is strong, has cost effective edge cost and can remove high amounts of material with a 90 degree approach angle.
The system comes in diameters 50mm up to 160mm with a wear protected body and the SXMS120604 SR inserts are placed into the body with optimised pitching making the metal removal rates excellent.
Below is a sample case study using the MultiEdge TAN 90 Double4 system.
MaterialGG25 (EN-JL-1040)
InsertSXMX120604 SR LCK20M
Vc240 m/min
n955 m/min
fz.25 mm
Vf1670 mm/min
Coolant 7%
Please get in touch with LMT UK if you require any more help of advise regarding this or any other product.

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