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Steel industry and crankshaft machining

Boehlerit and alliance partner LMT have years of experience and are well known in the steel industry and crankshaft machining niche and we are market leaders in some areas. We have increased our application team for steel industry and reorganized our engineering
team to improve our technical service and create more OEM business with end users and machine builders.

  • Pipe and tube machining
  • Boehlerit offers the largest programme range worldwide
  • Main insert in direct pressed TPNX 31 and TPNX 33 in new grade LCP37M
  • New Tube and Pipe catalogue available from April 2012
  • Oilfield tubes and coupling API and Buttres threading.
  • Bar peeling
  • Boehlerit is number two worldwide
  • Boehlerit has the most competitive insert programme from the technical point of view.
  • Good and fast delivery – due to standard stock insert and for semi-standard we have an insert blank stock (delivery 4 – 6 weeks)
  • New bar peeling catalogue available from April 2012
  • Heavy duty turning
  • Heavy duty turning with big (> IC 19 mm) ISO inserts
  • Roll turning
  • Rail wheel machining
  • Please find the whole programme for all heavy duty machining applications in the new heavy duty machining catalogue
  • Crankshaft machining
  • Boehlerit is the worldwide leader in machining of big crankshafts and in car crankshafts one of the top five
  • For machining crankshafts in steel use the grades Nanosilver LCP35C, LCP30C or the hardest grade LCP25C. Always start with the toughest grade LCP35C and for crankshafts in spherical cast iron the grade VA1213 

What Boehlerit Offers

  • A wide range of product portfolio with standard and semi standard products and with special solutions
  • High technical Know-How and extensive experience in this field
  • Technical support with application engineers:
Tube and Pipe Bar Peeling Manuel Huber 0043 664 84 76 199
Heavy Duty Turning, Rail Wheel and Roll Turning Heinz Gaber 0043 664 53 03 873
Crankshaft Milling Herbert Steiner 0043 664 39 20 040
Engineering team                                                         Wolfgang Koch 0043 664 16 47 493