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Thread Rolling

Chipless thread fabrication with a thread rolling head has a whole range of advantages: the finished surfaces are smooth and have increased strength; the material fibers remain unbroken. Because no chips are created, rolling naturally saves on material. Almost all standardized or special threads – from cylindrical and tapered triangular threads, through trapezoidal, round and semi-round threads to cylindrical wood threads and even buttress threads – can be rolled with a thread rolling head.
LMT Fette has pushed the technological advances of this machining method forward since the 1950s.

A Fette thread rolling head can be used in a wide range of positions on almost any cutting machine. According to the design, a thread rolling head can be mounted on the saddle slide, cross slide, turret or spindle head of lathes, machining centers and rolling machines.

We provide the greatest customer advantages by means of offering the best technical solutions, the best technical service on site and a very wide product portfolio. On almost all threading applications we can offer our customers a tool solution that is tailored to his specific needs and provides the greatest advantage for him.

The brand name LMT-Fette is synonymous with thread rolling and stands for quality and mature products that provide the best possible customer benefits.

The LMT-Fette Thread Rolling team is available to support our sales organization to develop and implement market strategies mutually with our customers to achieve a satisfactory solution to your threading projects.

What can LMT UK offer? 

  • The greatest product range for axial- tangential- and radial thread rolling heads and rolls.
  • A worldwide presence with its own companies and trained distributors offering technical support
  • Superior technical know how gained in long term product in development.
  • Technical support with development of solutions for all rolling applications
  • Engineering, project collaboration
  • Customer- and employee – training, in house and on site, explaining the optimum advantage of product
  • Success stories and application examples available on our website.
  • Next day delivery from Germany